Inspiring: Visually impaired college stude to graduate with honors, hopes to become special education teacher

  • Visually impaired education major to graduate from college cum laude
  • He said disability never stopped him from pursuing his dreams
  • He will take the licensure exam for teachers in September, hopes to teach students with special needs

MANILA, Philippines – Students griping about the daily grind of school life can learn a thing of two from Abdulaziz Dapilin.

The 20-year-old Elementary Education major, who will be graduating cum laude from Western Mindanao State University, suffers from a rare genetic disorder called Marfan Syndrome which weakens a person’s connective tissues, including those that suspend the lens within the eye.

For Dapilin, the disorder rendered him sightless in his right eye and partially blind in the left — yet he never let the condition stop him from achieving his dreams.

“Bachelor of Elementary Education major in Special Education SY 2016-2017, I praise Allah upon all conditions, for blessing me with a kind of disability that have caused encouragement and success rather than discouragement and failure,” Dapilin wrote on his Facebook account.

According to ABS-CBN, Dapilin goes around campus and attends his classes just like a normal student save for his laptop which contains an app he uses to study and take down notes.

After graduating, Dapilin will take the Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET) in September and has evinced a desire to become a teacher for students with special needs.