“Jollibee Chicken Joy”, the best fried chicken in Hong Kong — Food bloggers

Have you been wanting to taste a crispylicious, juicylicious heaven-like thing in your life?

Image by Jollibee

In a recently published restaurant review in one of the social networks for food, the Foodie, the food blogger Justin Wong a.k.a WongEatsHongKong talked about how a certain fast food chain sets its chicken apart from any other expensive and on the top 5 list of the best fried chickens in Hong Kong. Yes; it is none other than the Philippines’ most famous export, Jollibee!

Wong was able to vividly express how the Philippines’ famous chicken gives so much satisfaction by just hearing the comforting crunch sound upon biting.

“Before you chastise me and take away my ‘foodie creds’ for promoting – or even simply just reviewing – a fast food chain, hear me out, for Jollibee does serve the best fried chicken in Hong Kong (ignore the fact that they call their fried chicken ‘Chickenjoy’ – after all, when it tastes like heaven, they can name it whatever they want),” an excerpt from WongEatsHongKong fast food restaurant review.

From its crispy breaded coating down to its tender and juicy meat, it gives you the best experience of your life! He simply characterized the chicken as a “beautiful” thing that tastes like “heaven.”

One cannot deny the fact that for a fried chicken to qualify as the “best,” it has to be served hot, crispy, and juicy, which the Jollibee Chickenjoy is taking pride of.

With its golden color, fried into perfection, anyone would be enticed to devour the entire piece, (even wanting to eat more).

Meanwhile, another food blogger, Sgt. Noms from Hong Kong said in his article, “I very much enjoyed the Chickenjoy – crunchy on the outside and very succulent and tender on the inside,” calling it “Saint Chickenjoy.”

Jollibee, as the largest fast food chain in the Philippines has already reached 150 stores outside the country as of December 2016 including South East, Hong Kong, the Middle East, and North America, as published in Wikipedia.

If this didn’t get you drooling, nothing else will.

“Dito Sa Jollibee, Bida Ang Saya!”