Just like a scene from classic horror movie “The Exorcist”, a boy rotates his head 180 degrees

  • An old video resurfaced online showing a boy rotating his head 180 degrees
  • In the video, the boy was asked to perform his “rotating-head trick” and he obliged
  • Horrified viewers said it was like a scene from the classic horror movie “The Exorcist”

A video of a boy rotating his head 180 degrees has resurfaced online.

According to Comic Book, the original clip was posted last year but it emerged again on Tuesday, March 21, after it was posted on Dailymotion. The video was titled Este niño ‘poseído’ gira la cabeza como en ‘El exorcista’” which is Spanish for “This ‘possessed’ child turns his head as in ‘The Exorcist.'”

In the video, the young boy was seen standing in a living room with his back facing the camera. The boy has apparently been asked to perform his “rotating head trick” in front of a camera and he happily obliges.

 The boy grabbed his head and then rotated it 180 degrees – just like one of the famous scenes in the classic horror movie “The Exorcist.”

Giggles can be heard in the background after the boy successfully pulled his trick, but someone was also heard gasping in disbelief.

 Watch the frightening video (WARNING: Graphic content):