#Kindness: This little girl got lost but is now back home because of a concerned netizen’s help

  • Little girl was found by a concerned citizen roaming around streets in Quezon City
  • Brenda Araneta decided to help the child find her parents through Facebook
  • According to netizens, the child is now back with her parents

Another story of kindness that should remind us of the song “Pananagutan”.

It is children’s nature to be curious over a lot of things especially when their interest is caught. And though their curiosity is significant to their development, it may sometimes bring them harm — as in the case of a little girl who

Recently, a photo of a young girl named Mika Rosacena searching for her parents circulated on social media after a concerned netizen decided to help the girl find her parents through Facebook.

According to Brenda Quiseo Araneta, she found Mika roaming around the streets on Sunday.

She took three photos of the child including her clothes and a slipper on which the name of the girl was written.

As per the Facebook post shared by Araneta, Mika resides in Holy Spirit, Quezon City.

The parents of the girl must have worried much after they found out that their child had been lost. As they say, the gravest thing that could happen to a parent is to lose their child.

Thankfully, according to netizens on the comment section of the post, the child has been returned to her parents on Monday night. A relative has even posted a photo of the girl and apologized for the trouble. [Sorry sa abala]

Anyway, a number of netizens commended Araneta’s help for Mika. That simple caring have probably saved that little girl from possible vultures who roam the streets. Just glad to know that there truly are a lot of people who remain to be kind.