Korean firefighter saves 5 lives, but had to cancel wedding because of injury

  • A firefighter managed to rescue five people using himself as a shield
  • All victims survived including himself but he was injured in the hip during the jump
  • Because of injury, he needed to cancel his wedding
  • But the heroic fireman said it’s his job to save those people

A firefighter in South Korea has been hailed a hero for saving five people during a rescue. However, he had to reschedule his wedding date after suffering injury from the attempt.

Choi Kil-soo had been on the job for only two months. Last week he responded to a fire emergency in an apartment in Seoul where five people were trapped on the third floor.

Choi quickly ran to the location and helped the victims jump out of the window by blocking the fire using his back. He waited until everyone had gone out before jumping himself.

Unfortunately, he broke his hip after hitting the ground.

Due to injury, he has to cancel his wedding to his girlfriend because he could not walk the aisle. The ceremony is only three weeks away but he needs more than that to fully recover.

A video of the incident went viral in South Korea. It showed the heroic firefighter shielding the victims from the flame as they climbed out of the window.

Speaking to CNN, Choi said it’s his job to save those people.

“My mission is to save people. I acted out of instinct rather than out of knowledge, because I had to carry out my mission,” the brave fireman said.

Watch the video report from KBS News: