10 Cool summer job suggestions for students!

Graduations done and March is almost gone, you can’t be an April’s fool, if you know earning cash on summer is cool!

Here is a list of summer job ideas for students and Out-of-School-Youth (OSY) to try!

  1. Computer Shop Staff – If you are on video games like DOTA or social media-all-day type of a kiddo, why not do it in a computer shop for free, and earn! It’s a win-win right?
  1. Repair Services – If you are that “computer guy” or “techie guy” among friends who easily troubleshoots computer software and hardware problems, then this is easy money for you. Remember those repairs when all you do was restart the PC or plug and unplug the memory card?
  1. Tutor Services – This can be good for you too because it makes you review even your own Math and grammar. Remember that practice makes perfect. You help hone the future of this world to be smart! Now, that feels good!
  1. Restaurant Crew – Free hamburgers! Although this is way too common for the Filipino youth who seeks part time jobs, it still is efficient in providing money, and yes, living out that value of “hospitality” is always rewarding.
  1. Gasoline Station/mini-mart crew – Come to think of it, for those who always like to meet new faces everyday every minute, and those who are into motorbikes and high-end cars, then this might be the one for you.
  1. SPES (Special Program for Employment of students) This is a government program that provides poor and deserving Filipino students summer jobs, and with pay of course. You could be stationed in a government office handling tasks like encoding, file management, messenger, errand boy, etc. At a young age you will be exposed to what it is like in an office. The SPES is open to all high school, college, vocational, or even drop-out students who are willing to continue their education. Student-applicants may apply at the nearest DOLE Regional/District/Provincial Office, or Public Employment Service Offices (PESOs). In an article published by Definitely Filipino, Senator Sonny Angara encourages Out of School Youth students, who are one of the beneficiaries of SPES to take advantage of the summer job programs offered by the government.
  1. Beach/Pool Cleaner – Heck, it’s summer and where best to feel fresh is by the swimming escapades of those people your age, and as for the beach cleaner specifically, you’re going intimate with mother nature.
  1. Lifeguard – If you are physically fit, a very good swimmer, then put on those shades and feel like a Baywatch star. Save lives. Movie star. Action Star. Snap out of it! You are here for work!
  1. Movie theater employee –dami sanang magagandang movies this summer, kaso wala akong pansine ni walang mapagkakitaan.” Let’s put those 2 phrases together and this job is what we got for you!
  1. Try your luck in entrepreneurship – Be your own boss, blame your own loss. Look around the place you would like to market. Will tubong Lugaw literally lugaw sell here? At what time will I sell? Halo-halo or sa malamig is perfect for summer! What are the age of my market? If I add cigarettes to my cart when I next stop to that barangay bilyaran be a great idea?

Not only will you earn cash to buy the things you want or use it to pay for your tuition fees and other miscellaneous stuffs, but also gather enough work experience and knowledge for your skill and career advancement.

Best of luck and enjoy the summer!