Manalo sibling cries foul over demolition of house

Angel Manalo claimed that the demolition of their house in the INC compound is not right and therefore should not have been allowed.  The latter called the attention of the (PNP) Philippines National Police and the (DILG) Department of the Interior and Local Government to stop the demolition.

On Thursday morning, just right after some policemen entered their house allegedly without permission, Angel said: “We are calling on PNP Chief [Ronald] Bato [dela Rosa] and DILG Secretary Ismael Sueno. There is no court order for the demolition of our house. Have mercy on us. Do not just allow us to die and please help us protect our human rights.”

Reports claimed that the cops entered the compound around 8am, which came as a shock since the family of Manalo were not aware of the purpose of the operation.   It turns out that Barangay officials were alerted on the operation, but they allegedly have no idea of the exact details or purpose of the operation, as per a Rappler story.

Chief Inspector Pipoy Cuden, who led the operation, was reportedly mum as to the details of the demolition.  Cuden together with more than 20 cops stood outside the gate.

Angel reported that the destruction of their house started in February 27.  Cops and barangay official entered the house. Upon entering, Reynaldo Ebron, barangay New Era Chairman said: “Do not interfere with our project.”

“We couldn’t stop them and the women with us in the home panicked, including my wife and children. Aside from the absence of an ejection case against my house, there is no other case and no court order for what they have done. They destroyed two of our bedrooms and punctured one of the walls,” Angel said.