[Videos] #MMKMaymay trends online as Entrata reenacts her life story on MMK

“Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7” big winner Maymay Entrata starred in her very first acting television project on “Maalaala Mo Kaya”; reenacting her life on Saturday evening, March 25, 2017.

Though Entrata’s past journey was documented in ABS-CBN’s  Reality TV Show “Pinoy Big Brother”, the nation still watched the episode to witness her life and at the same time see for themselves how the winner showcased her acting skills.

The story evolved from Maymay having been through all rejections in life and how she was able to follow and reach for her dreams.

She has been through a lot — from not being recognized by her paternal grandmother, to being abandoned by her father, and eventually left by her mother to raise her own family in Japan where she is working.

Her only source of hope is her grandfather “Papa Joe” played by Dante Rivero who keeps on encouraging her to pursue her dreams. She gets her strength from “Papa Joe” and her cousins to still fight despite their hardships in life.

Joining the latest edition of PBB got her real confused and baffled; thinking she might as well get rejected again. However, it got more exciting and had a sudden turn of events when a friend asked her to join the audition – which was the last sign she was asking for from the Lord that she said she’ll push her luck once more.

While Maymay was inside the famous house, her “Papa Joe” died making her grieve deeply.

All the more that her fans got inspired and amazed by their idol Maymay Entrata because of her brave heart and the passion to go on despite life’s struggles.

Hours before the show, the hashtag #MMKMaymay started trending and a few minutes after it started airing, it became the top trending topic.

Fans have expressed how proud and happy they are for Entrata; for not giving up on her dreams.

Here are a few snippets from the Twitter users:

Bonus vid! Here’s an unfiltered interview of Maymay: