Mercedes Benz Owners Would Have to Wait Until July for their Cars to Get Fixed

Over a million owners of Mercedes Benz are not happy due to the fact that their cars are being recalled by the manufacturer.  There is reportedly a fire risk fault in the car,  wherein it could burst into flames if exposed to water and high temperature.  Sadly, they would have to wait till July as the upgrade isn’t available yet.

“Mercedes told the Telegraph the fault will only effect cars which have already suffered severe damage, such as being driven through flood water.”

The repair would need to be halted since there is a manufacturing issue with the parts, it would only be available this coming July.

The issue affects models from 2015 to 2017; all of which are prone to overheating.

Mercedes owner Daimler already recalled million cars globally because of the defect.  The said models are of A-Class, B-Class, C-Class, E-Class and CLA cars and GLA and GLC SUVs.

Once the engine has been exposed to water, there is a tendency that it would burst to flames, if the driver would insist on repeatedly restarting the engine. As of now, there are already 51 cases globally; 30 of which are from the US.

Thankfully, no one was reported injured in the incidents.

The company said that the fire incidents has something to do with the engine getting damaged.

“In situations where the vehicle’s engine is damaged and cannot crank, when the engine has hydro locked, and the customer repeatedly attempts to start the vehicle, a very high electric current can flow through the starting current limiter causing it to overheat,” as said by the spokesman for Mercedes.