Mocha Uson blames ‘Leni trolls’ for suspension of her Twitter account

  • Mocha Uson blames supporters of VP Leni Robredo after her Twitter account was suspended
  • Uson launched a Twitter party on Wednesday and immediately trended
  • She also scored the ‘Yellow supporters’ for being ‘dictators’

MANILA, Philippines – Blogger Mocha Uson slammed supporters of Vice President Leni Robredo for supposedly reporting her activity to Twitter which caused for her account to be temporarily suspended.

Uson launched a Twitter party on Wednesday and invited her fellow Duterte supporters to join.

“Ang twitter ay hindi exclusive para sa kahit kanino man. Ang pagkakaroon ng twitter, hindi nagbibigay sa ‘yo ng karapatan para manlait ng mga taong gumagamit ng free data. Hindi dahil may twitter ka ay yayamanin ka na,” she wrote.

[Twitter is not exclusive to anyone. Having a Twitter account does not give you the right to insult people who are only on free data. Just because you’re on Twitter, doesn’t mean you’re rich.]

The hashtag #DDSTwitterParty quickly trended and, according to Uson, the interactions using the hashtag reached more than 900,000 in 24 hours. Also her follower shoots up to more than 15,000.

However, on Thursday, Uson’s Twitter account was suspended.

She quickly blamed the supporters of Robredo, whom she called ‘Leni trolls’, as the ones responsible for the suspension.

“Suspended iyong Twitter account ko. Dahil nga minass-report – Mass reported. Bakit minassreport ng mga Yello t*etroll? Yung mga troll ni Leni. O, anong ginawa, minass-report po ‘yung Mocha Uson,” she later said in a video.

[My Twitter account has been suspended. Because it was mass-reported by Leni’s trolls. See what they did? They mass-reported the Mocha Uson.]

Her Twitter account has since been restored and Uson thanked her fellow DDS (die-hard Duterte Supporters), while at the same time accusing her critics – especially the ‘Yellow’ supporters’- of being dictators.

Watch her: