More than 100 diners flee restaurant without paying $2,100 bill; they ‘left in stampede’, says owner

  • Around 120 diners left a restaurant in stampede while dessert was about to be served
  • The customers, who were celebrating a baptismal party, left an unpaid $2,100 bill
  • The restaurant owner has not contacted any of the customers since

A case of ‘Eat-and-Run’?

A restaurant owner in Spain was left in shock after more than 100 customers left en masse without paying their bills.

Antonio Rodriguez, owner of El Carmen restaurant in the northeastern town of Bembibre in Spain, said the Romanian diners were celebrating a baptism at his diner and had initially paid $950 as deposit.

The group, around 120 of them, had already devoured on the appetizers and the main course and consumed around 30 bottles of liquors and wine which amounted to nearly $3,000.

However, as the waiters were about to serve the desserts, all of them stood at once and left the restaurant in haste; leaving empty plates and glasses, and an unpaid bill worth $2,100.

“It happened in the space of a minute. It was something they had planned and they left in a stampede,” Rodriguez told BBC.

He added he had never seen in the restaurant’s 35 years of existence such number of people walking out of their establishment in a similar passion.

He has since reported the incident to the police and provided them with the deposit slip, but Rodriguez conceded it would be quite difficult now to recoup his losses.

Also, he has since failed to contact any of the customers.