More than 250 migrants from Libya feared to have drowned in the Mediterranean Sea

  • More than 250 refugees are feared to have drowned in the Mediterranean Sea
  • The migrants are believed to have sailed off the coast of Libya early this week
  • Five dead bodies and two submerged rubber boats have been recovered
  • The death is expected to increase as the search for the third boat is launched

Another migrant crisis is in the offing following reports that more than 250 African refugees are feared to have drowned in the Mediterranean Sea.

This was after five bodies and two partially submerged rubber boats were discovered by Spanish vessel Golfo Azurro 22 kilometers off the coast of Libya on Thursday. A search has been launched for the third boat, reports have said.

A spokesperson from the Spanish charity organization Proactiva Open Arms said the incident is ‘deeply alarming’ as there were no signs of any survivor.

“In each of the boats there would probably have been more than 100 people whose lives have been swallowed by the mass grave of the Mediterranean,” said Laura Lanuza.

“We don’t think there can be any other explanation than that these dinghies would have been full of people. It seems clear that they sunk,” she added.

The United Nations Higher Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) also believes that these rubber dinghies are usually crammed with 120 to 130 people; fearing that the actual death toll could actually be higher.

Since January this year, more than 500 people have already drowned while attempting to cross the rough and dangerous seas of the Mediterranean.

So far, more than 22,000 refugees have been rescued and brought to Italy only this year alone. Also more than 600 have died in the attempt, the UN said.