Netizen slams ‘arrogant’ Dumaguete priest for forcing the disabled to kneel down

  • A netizen has accused a priest in Dumaguete of arrogance
  • The priest supposedly forced the disabled and the non-Catholic to kneel down during a requiem
  • The Diocese of Dumaguete said they are now investigating the incident
Image capture of James Cook Facebook post

MANILA, Philippines – A viral story has been circulating on social media about a supposedly arrogant priest in Dumaguete who forced his disabled uncle and even his non-Catholic relatives to kneel down during a requiem mass inside a church.

The story was told by one Nikki Gonzales and is being shared by several Facebook pages.

The netizen, who introduced himself as a Paulinian and a Bosconian, narrated that the unfortunate incident happened in Bacong, Negros Oriental during his grandfather’s requiem mass.

His relatives attended the final rites and among them were his two uncles; one of whom has arthritis while the other is disabled due to diabetes. The latter had one of his legs amputated and the other stricken with polio.

Accordingly the priest warned the audience to kneel at least two times or he wouldn’t start the ceremony.

The disabled uncle protested because of his condition but was asked arrogantly by the priest why he needed to attend the mass in the first place. (Continue to next page)