Netizen slams ‘arrogant’ Dumaguete priest for forcing the disabled to kneel down

Image capture of James Cook Facebook post

After the ceremony, the family supposedly confronted the priest about his rude behavior towards the disabled man and the non-Catholic relatives.

“We want him to apologize but he never did. Instead, he said: “I am a shepherd of this flock. I want you to show respect for this church.”

According to the netizen, they later learned that the priest has been transferred from Siquijor precisely because of his arrogance.

Meanwhile, in an ABS-CBN News article, it said the Diocese of Dumaguete has started investigating the incident. The name of the priest has been given as Father Jose Abellar.

Dumaguete Diocese spokesperson Father Nathaniel Gomez said Abellar “has been asked to take a leave from his post as assistant parish priest in St. Augustine of Hippo Parish.”

Gomez added the priest may have just been misinterpreted by the family of the deceased.

The original post by Gonzales, including a video of the incident, has been taken down after it went viral on Facebook.