Netizens’ petition to Facebook: Remove PH country manager for allegedly being biased

  • Netizens want the Facebook country manager in the Philippines to be removed for being ‘biased’
  • The petition was initiated by a group/individual calling itself ‘Free Speech’
  • It has been signed by more than 14,000 in two days

MANILA, Philippines – The Facebook country manager in the Philippines Digs Dimagiba is being petitioned for supposedly being ‘political’ and ‘biased’.

In the petition started by FREE SPEECH at last Saturday, it accused Dimagiba of curtailing the freedom of speech in the country by influencing the suspension of several groups or pages which did not conform to his favored political party.

“He is using his Facebook position and influence to silence those who have the courage to question fake news and articles and to present the truth – to write the other sides of stories,” the petition read.

While FREE SPEECH’s statement does not mention which groups or individuals have been removed or suspended on Facebook, the Dugong Maharlika website identified these pages as mostly pro-Duterte such as the Senyora Santibañez and the We Are Collective, the page behind the controversial #Nagaleaks.

Image capture of petition

The website also accused Dimagiba of supporting Vice President Leni Robredo and the Liberal Party (LP) of the past administration.

 “Digs Dimagiba DOES NOT represent what Facebook stands for!  HE MUST BE FIRED,” said the petition.

As of Monday, March 13, there have been more than 14,000 who have signed the petition against its goal of 15,000 signatures.

The petition can be viewed HERE.