Pastor Boy Saycon turns over to DOJ ‘proof’ of corruption during past admin

  • Pastor Boy Saycon has turned over to DOJ alleged proof of corruption of Aquino administration
  • These includes documents showing campaign contribution from Napoles and payolas from gambling casinos
  • Justice Secretary Aguirre acknowledged receiving the documents but said he needs to study them first

MANILA, Philippines – Pastor Boy Saycon, secretary of Council for Philippine Affairs (COPA), has reportedly turned over to the Department of Justice (DOJ) documents which allegedly proves corruption activities during the administration of former President Benigno ‘PNoy’ Aquino III.

Among these alleged documents are receipts showing the contribution made by ‘pork barrel mastermind’ Janet Lim-Napoles to the campaign funds of the Liberal Party (LP). These receipts are supposedly signed by no less than the former president himself.

Also included are alleged proof that the Aquino admin received payolas from gambling casinos which started in 2005 and continued during the former president’s term.

“It all started in 2010 onwards. Actually, 2005 pa lang up to 2016. The Aquino admin continued instead of stopping the corruption,” explained Saycon.

Saycon explained he only decided to turn over the documents now in hopes that the present administration of President Rodrigo Duterte will do something about it.

“These are documents I kept a while not knowing what to do during the Aquino administration. I do not know where to file,” Saycon said; adding that he refused to surrender them to former Justice chief Leila De Lima for fear it will only end up in her boss’ table.

He also denied there were political motives in his move; only legal ones.

Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre, meanwhile, acknowledged receiving the documents but declined to divulge details; saying they still need to study them.