Pastor finds the answer to his prayer – a 709-karat giant diamond

  • A pastor in Sierra Leone has unearthed early this month a giant 709-karat diamond
  • He turned over the raw jewel to the government which promised to reward him and the local mining community with money
  • The gem, pending a proper quality assessment, is estimated to value $75-M

A pastor in Sierra Leone moonlighting as a mine worker to augment family income finally found the answer to his prayers – a giant 706-karat diamond he unearthed early this month in the Kono region.

Emmanuel Momoh, a minister at the Deeper Life Church, struck lucky last March 16 when he discovered what is now considered one of the largest diamonds in the world, and perhaps the largest find since 1971.

The value of the diamond remains undetermined prior to proper quality assessment, but some experts said it could peg as much as $75-M, uncut.

However, this money will not entirely go to Momoh since he has surrendered the gem to the government, as per existing laws.

On Thursday, Sierra Leone President Ernest Bai Koroma presented the raw jewel. It is now believed to be 13th largest diamond in the world.

Koroma thanked Momoh for not smuggling the diamond out of the country, as others would have, simply because of the lure of large price outside.

He promised the 39-year-old pastor a huge sum as reward. Some of the money will also go to the poor Kono community where Momoh lives.

Speaking to AFP, Momoh said the extraordinary large gem is the answer to his prayers.

“Diamonds are extremely hard to find on the ground, it requires patience, hard work and prayers,” he said.

He is hoping that the government will make true to their promise as the amount will not only benefit his family, but many people in the community as well.

“The people dealing with the diamond. I hope they are as honest with me as I have been with them,” he said.