Piolo Pascual admits he loves Shaina Magdayao

Ever since Kapamilya leading man Piolo Pascual opened up about his love life last February, he became more open about his feelings for Shaina Magdayao.

As per an ABS-CBN  story, in an interview on “Tonight with Boy Abunda” on Friday, March 24, the actor admitted without hesitation that he loves Shaina.

When Piolo revealed previously that the two of them have been going out for five years now, Shaina emphasized that the two of them are free to date whoever they want to date but she is thankful that Piolo has been consistent that she’s the only one he’s dating.

In his sit-down interview with Boy Abunda, Piolo took the chance to explain his relationship with the actress.

“Shaina and I have a mutual understanding na hindi namin alam kung paano ipaiintindi sa tao. What we have is really something special and mahirap kasi nga pareho kaming public figure and so we just decided na huwag na lang magsalita. Whatever we have is what we have. It is what it is,” he said.

Back in 2014, the actor described Shaina as the girl closest to him.

He had also been very vocal that he wants to settle down in the future and he hopes to have a younger wife, preferably in her 20’s so that they could have several children together.

As for Shaina, she said in a separate interview that she’s in no rush to enter into a relationship because she wants her next boyfriend to be the one for her.

Last year, when their intimate dancing video which was taken during the Annual Star Magic Ball became viral, the actress said that if ever they become an official couple, they wouldn’t be able to hide it from the public.

She said: “You know we’re at this point in our lives na if meron mang mangyayari [if ever something happens], hindi naman siguro namin itatago ‘yun sa mga tao [we probably won’t hide it from the people].”

She admitted that Piolo has always been there for her and described the actor as very dependable.