Sam Milby nearly robbed by 3 men in Paris; almost loses passport

  • Sam Milby was on a recent solo vacation in Paris
  • Three men attempted to rob him at a train station
  • The robber took his passport, thinking it was a wallet
  • However, they gave it back upon realizing the mistake

MANILA, Philippines – Actor Sam Milby nearly got robbed by three men during a recent vacation in Paris, France and almost lost his passport in the harrowing ordeal.

Milby shared his not-too-pleasant experience last February 28 on his Twitter account. He was on vacation in Paris for the first time.

The actor said he was about to take the train to the apartment where he will be staying when three thugs tried to rob him.

“Landed & took the train to the apartment… Then 3 men tried to rob me at the station. Not the best way to start my first time here in Paris,” Milby wrote on Twitter.

The robbers took his passport, thinking it was a wallet, he said. Fortunately, the men gave it back upon realizing the mistake.

Image capture of Milby’s Twitter posts

“The guys stole my passport thinking it was my wallet,” he said.

“Don’t worry, when the 3 guys figured out it was my passport they gave it back and walked off,” the former PBB housemate added.

ABS-CBN News said the actor was on a solo vacation because his girlfriend, Mari Jasmine, was apparently in Morocco.

Milby’s fans expressed concerns over his safety and advised him to take care of himself while on a holiday alone, especially in Paris where it is not sometimes safe to travel by train.

Many are also relieved to know that he was not harmed by the robbers.