Singapore envoy says Duterte and Lee Kuan Yew alike: Both had political will and determination

  • Singaporean envoy pointed out Duterte and Lee’s similar leadership styles
  • She said both of them possessed political will and determination
  • She also iterated Singapore’s respect for PH drug war

MANILA, Philippines – They’re both men of action.

Singaporean ambassador Kok Li Peng had this to say about her country’s late leader Lee Kuan Yew and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte even as she expected Filipinos to benefit under the latter’s leadership.

“I think both men have been characterized as doers. I think that’s a good description of how they’re driving their respective agendas. Singapore benefited well under his leadership, in which the Philippines will under the President’s leadership as well,” GMA News quoted her as saying.

While acknowledging the differences in their circumstances, Kok said both Lee and Duterte possessed the political will to make real changes.

“They were in leadership positions at different times. I think the challenges the late prime minister faced were quite different with the challenges the President is facing today. But I think both equally possess a political will and determination,”  she said.

At the same time, Kok reiterated her country’s respect for the Philippines’ campaign against drugs and said Singapore will not interfere.

“We have consistently said that it is every country’s sovereign right to enact laws and policies for the people,” she said. “Singapore has a zero-tolerance policy on drugs. We have a very tough policy on drugs, and we think that it works for us, and we respect other countries’ right to determine how they’re going to pursue their own anti-drug policies.”