Sinon ‘Rogelia’ Loresca has only one kidney left because he donated the other to his ailing sister

  • Sinon ‘Rogelia’ Loresca has only one kidney left
  • He donated the other kidney to his ailing sister in London
  • His life story will be featured in GMA’s ‘Magpakailanman’

Perhaps this is one of the details in Sinon Loresca’s colorful life that few people know – he has only one kidney left in his body.

Loresca, who shot to fame for playing the role of a ‘macho’ bodyguard in the AlDub Kalyeserye, became an international internet sensation for slaying the catwalk ala Miss Universe in high heels.

In his latest revelation via Instagram, Loresca said he donated one of his kidneys to his ailing sister Catherine in London.

“When I found out that my sister was in an extremely bad condition in London I didn’t have any second thought of helping and saving her life although I know that giving her one of my kidney could risk my life,” he wrote in his caption.

“For me the most important thing is to save her life,” Loresca said.

Image capture of Sinon Loresca’s Instagram post

His life story will be featured in GMA’s drama anthology ‘Magpakailanman’ where actress Chynna Ortaleza played as his sister Catherine.

He also shared his bad experiences with his own family as a child, but said he never used it against them.

“In fact I used my upbringing to be more confident, strong and ready to face the challenge of life. No matter how hard, difficult and devastating experience you had with your family by the end of the day they are your FAMILY and you should always love, help and support them,” Loresca continued.

Loresca imparted a lesson for everyone about never holding a grudge in your heart, but instead sharing love and peace; saying further that it was his family and his experiences that brought him where he is today.

“I don’t consider myself successful. I considered myself FULFILLED with the love and happiness that I share to the world every time I wake up in the morning,” Loresca added.