SWS: Filipinos’ happiness hits record high in December 2016 after 20 years

A survey by the Social Weather Stations (SWS) revealed that the number of Filipinos who are happy with life in general has hit a high record of happiness score not seen in two decades.

Based on the survey conducted from December 3 to 6, 2016 on a face-to-face interview, it showed 91 percent of the Filipinos were “very/fairly happy” with life; 46 percent very happy and 45 percent fairly happy.

“This is two points above the 89% very/fairly happy in June 2016, and the highest in 20 years since the record-high 92% in June 1996,” the SWS said.

However, seven percent responded that they were “not very happy,” while the two remaining percent were not happy at all.

It was since 1991 when SWS started the happiness surveys that December’s survey is the third time it has surpassed the 90 percent mark following June 1996, and March 2015.

Mindanao with 94 percent got the highest happiness score where respondents said they were happy with their lives in general.

It was followed by Metro Manila with 92 percent, Luzon 90 percent and Visayas 89 percent.

Happiness was noted to be higher for those with good economic status and more formal education as per SWS report.

Moreover, happiness is also highest in class ABC with 98 percent and college graduates with 93 percent.

With 1,500 adult respondents, national percentages has an error margin of ±3 percent while ±4 percent for Luzon and ±6 percent for Metro Manila, Visayas, and Mindanao.