This 6-year-old daughter of ambulance driver and nurse has been helping her parents save lives since she was 2

The girl said she has already forgotten exactly how it started, but remembers her father bringing her to volunteer lectures and showing her how to treat wounds.

While she haven’t realized yet how noble her acts are, Katon said she is just grateful when people appreciate her doing these things.

Image from CGTN Facebook page

“Many people seem to quite like me, they take photos with me and give me money for snacks. I give them to the poor and the seniors,” she narrated.

Also, she’s never afraid of blood or death, and Katon has this to explain about her lack of fear for dead bodies at such a young age:  “I’m not afraid of ghosts, we have never seen one either. And I’ve seen bodies from a young age and got used to them. Papa said we don’t need to be afraid because we are here for saving.”

Many netizens in Thailand commended her for her passion and courage and she has been dubbed as an “angel saving wounded souls”.

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Facebook, STOMP