This Bookstore takes Advantage of Clickbait Titles, but it is Okay to do that

Sometimes, even the best books can’t be noticed just because they don’t have much of an appeal to the readers when they see the titles.

As such, some professional writers use clickbait titles that can attract millions of readers to their site, but then again, clickbait titles are not just for websites alone.   Take this bookstore, for instance, as it has made use of an old trick that most blogs use.

Yes, this bookstore takes advantage of headlines that would catch the attention of readers. With hope that more people would read more of their books, therefore, making a better sale, this bookstore joins in the fun of using powerful ‘click bait titles’ on its headlines.

“The premise for the experiment was simple: They took beloved pieces of literature and gave them modern clickbait titles. For example, “The Jungle Book” became “He befriended a bear when he was a kid and fate reunites them years later.” “Dracula” became “Romanian man discovers shocking fact about garlic that will give you nightmares,” and “Frankenstein” became “German doctor becomes first to perform full body transplant,” as per Upworthy.

Did it work?

The store reportedly did it for brand awareness, and as per their study  —  it paid off. They got more people to read books!

However, one expert believes that it is  not okay to use click bait titles.  Tommy Walker is one of the many authors of Unbounce and he believes that you should not trick people just to gain their attention.

In one of his articles, he writes: “Clicks are the best insight we have into what drives people to action. If you’re not putting click behavior under a microscope on every level, you don’t stand a chance at reliably building online marketing funnels that convert.”