Touching: Photo of a graduating son kneeling before his PWD father who did the almost-impossible for him

  • A photo of a graduating son kneeling before his disabled father surfaced online
  • The Message: Graduation is also a time to thank those who helped us in our schooling

A photo of a man kneeling before a disabled man surfaced online.

According to a Viral4Real   story, the two are probably related; a father and his son. The son kneels before his father to honor him for all the hard work, love, and care the old man gave to him while he was growing up.

In Thailand, it is said that children are taught to respect their parents and elderly people at an early age; such that it has seemingly become their custom.

The father, as seen on the photo, is a person with disability (PWD), having only one hand but apparently this didn’t stop him from striving to send his son to school.

Like most parents who work hard to send their children to school and make their lives as comfortable as possible, it would appear that this dad here beat the odds despite having only one arm..

Basing from the son’s outfit, the young man is perhaps about to graduate and is giving credit where it is due — to the one who raised him up and sent him to school.

A similar photo emerged in September of 2016 as shared by one David Kien with translation.

Caption reads: “Son after graduated from College, kneel down to in front of Father’s garbage truck to thank him.

After he graduated from famous Chulalongkorn University in Thailand, Kalangnalong, he went to kneel down in font of his Father’s garbage truck and bow to his Father and thanks him for his sacrifices his life works hard labor to supports him goes to school.

Kalangnalong shared his stories when he was younger, he feels embarrass to talk about his Father’s works, because he is a garbage truck driver. But when he grows older he gradually understands the love and the heart of his Father for him.”


Another post  tells us that after winning Miss Thailand 2015, Khanittha “Mint” Phasaeng went back to visit her single mom and knelt before her; showing the utmost respect to the woman who collected and recycled trash her whole life to raise her.