[Touching video] 5-year-old girl takes care of her grandmother and great-grandmother all by herself

While most five-year-old girls relish their childhood with their playmates, little Anna Wang from China is fulfilling a very big task — taking care of her grandmother and great-grandmother all by herself.

In an article written by Stella of Bored Panda, it was disclosed that Anna has been the sole caregiver for both elderly women.

When she was three months old, Anna’s father was sent to jail for unknown reasons. Her mother remarried eventually and abandoned her. Anna was left behind with her severely arthritic grandmother and 92-year-old great-grandmother.

Since then, Anna has been the one gathering food and cooking for them. A generous neighbor allows Anna to pick vegetables from their farm.

She also undertakes other duties such as cleaning and helping her relatives to the toilet. Whose heart wouldn’t break over her sad plight?

Watch this touching video and see how little Anna takes care of the two elderly women: