[Video] 23-year-old Dean’s Lister Arrested For Phishing

Applying the skills he mastered?

A 23- year-old Computer Science student was arrested by the police in Cauayan, Isabela on March 3, 2017.

Christian Salvador scammed a lot of people by sending emails saying that the victim needs to update their personal information, and from there he either use the stolen information to accumulate cash for his personal needs and sometimes even sell pertinent information for Php 5,000, , as per a GMA News story.

Phishing is one of the methods of scamming wherein hackers send messages on their victims asking their personal information to update their account. They usually victimize people who are using credit card, online banking and cashless transaction.

The emails that he used to send to his victims have the logo and email of the bank and appears to be legit.

The total amount of money he has stolen was not disclosed but a lot of victims are reporting to the bank that they are constantly losing a lot of money without their authorization.

Meanwhile, Christian’s baker father, Fred Salvador, didn’t expect that his son would be capable of doing such crimes as he believe that he and his wife, who works in Lebanon as a domestic helper, raised Christian well and that he was intelligent. That’s why Fred was surprise when policemen started to search their home, Christian’s rented apartment and his brand new car. Christian had reportedly said that his car was the fruit of his hard work in freelance.

Christian possibly faces charges for violating Access Devices Regulation Act (R.A No. 8484) and Cybercrime Prevention Act (R.A No. 10175)

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