[VIDEO] Air Supply commends Noven Belleza, this time thru a video message

Once again, Tawag ng Tanghalan winner Noven Belleza was congratulated by Air Supply members Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock but through a video message this time.

It was during an episode on It’s Showtime! [#ShowtimeTandemSaKsiyahan] that the video clip of Russell and Hitchcok was played right after Belleza finished performing.

“Congratulations, Noven. We saw your performance. It was amazing! You won with flying colors. You sang it fantastic,” Russell said.

Previously, Belleza was sent a congratulations message by this duo through an email sent to Danee Samonte, a local concert organizer and one of the producers of the recent concert of Air Supply in the Philippines, as disclosed in a Kicker Daily story a few weeks ago.

It was through the viral You Tube videos of the TNT Champ singing the band’s hits that Russell was able to notice the awesome voice of Belleza.

Watch Air Supply’s video message below: