[VIDEO] CDO Animators to create the very first 3D Anime series in the Philippines

Team XGN, a group of animators in the Philippines –  of which three are from Cagayan de Oro – is making its very first anime series in the Philippines called “Sonzai no Kyoukai” or “Division of Existence.”

The Animation Project is composed of 6 talented animators with Gave Gabrinab as the Team Lead from Barangay Cugman CDO who is in charge of the story, character and environment design, animation, and rendering while his fellows Brad Arces from Kauswagan of the same province handles the animatics and the storyboard; and Zagada Uta from Patag takes care of the merchandising. The rest of the crew are Linil Komban, Sri Mule, and Joseph Manuel.

The story “Division of Existence” is set in the year 2030 where another world was discovered by humans that is being inhabited by paranormal beings; thus paving a way to create a military organization “Global Security” to stop the entities from conquering the human world and jail them to a 9 underground containment.

Global Security operative John Salazar, the main character in the story, warden of the 7th containment prison which suddenly broke open, struggles to shut it down; preventing the underworld creatures from entering the human world.

Horror and Action are among the genres of the story. It is estimated to run for 8-10 months restarting on March 2017 and is expected to be released on September to November 2017.

The crew is using Youtube, Patreon, and Facebook as their crowd-based outsourcing platform.

Watch the Sonzai no Kyoukai – Patreon project support video (3DCG Anime Project) here: