[VIDEO] Google woven on Levi’s to produce a “Hi-Tech Jacket”

Google and Levi’s have teamed up to make the Jacquard; a denim jacket with technology woven into fabric.

The companies are pitching it at commuters who ride bicycles because of the convenience of having one if you are always on the road and consider safety.

Once paired to a smartphone via Bluetooth, the jacket allows the wearer to control key functions with just a brush or tap of the cuff gaining easy access to stuff like music, time, google maps, and answering calls. Jacquard works conductive materials directly into a special tough fabric to make them into gesture-aware surfaces; it is like covering your clothing with touchpad.

The jacket was shown off at this year’s SXSW Festival in Austin Texas (an annual  Film Festival that will host nine days of screenings from March 10-18, 2017). The companies are already manufacturing the denim jackets and will arrive in stores this fall (September-November 2017).

The challenge: how to wash it. What if it gets wet?

It is reported to be around $350, a bit expensive if you would deliberately wear your electronic jacket in the rain.

A Jacket is supposed to protect bodies from outdoor weather/conditions anyway. So it depends on how you use it; be smart. Besides, it is a smart jacket, that is worn by a smart cool guy like you.

Watch the video here from Levi’s via You Tube: