[Video] Gray-haired homeless man can’t believe his transformation after given an incredible makeover

  • A homeless man was given a free makeover by a local salon in Spain
  • Jose Antonio entered the salon as a gray-haired tramp with unkempt long beard and went out looking a stylish man
  • Jose said he’s so different no one is going to recognize him

Jose Antonio, a 55-year-old homeless man in Majorca, Spain, has turned emotional after a local hair salon gave him a free makeover during its third year anniversary. His transformation from a gray-haired tramp with long unkempt beard to a stylish man with a sleek hairdo was so incredible Jose did not recognize himself after the makeover.

“This is incredible, is this me?” Antonio said after seeing the results of his transformation.

“I’m so different, no-one’s going to recognize me unless I tell them who I am,” he added.

Jose, who has been homeless for 25 years, was well known by locals and had been earning just enough for food by being an unlicensed parking attendant; helping motorists find a parking space.

As per the Daily Mail, Jose’s transformation was so great that even a local bar owner served him a bottle of beer at the terrace of the square in Majorca where he spends his days helping car owners find parking space did not recognize him.

Here’s the video of Jose’s great transformation and be amazed!