[VIDEO] McDonald’s #TuloyPaRin Sequel Elicits Feels from Netizens; Features McLisse, Tony Labrusca

Popular food chain McDonald’s is known for producing heartwarming commercials. A lot of Filipinos enjoy the freshness and genuine approach in presenting situations close to the heart.

On June 2016, McDo Philippines released their commercial entitled, “Tuloy Pa Rin” which featured a guy breaking up with his girlfriend. In the video, the girl was shown weeping as her boyfriend exits the restaurant. As she reminisced the past, she just couldn’t help but smile as she took a bite from her burger.

Now, a sequel of the “Tuloy Pa Rin” ad has been released. This time, it is presented in the male’s point-of-view. The guy suddenly sees his girlfriend at McDo but as he was about to approach her, he realized she has moved on and dating another guy.

The guy in the ad, Tony Labrusca, was a finalist in the show Pinoy Boyband Superstar.

On the other hand, the girl featured in the ad, Elisse Joson, rose to stardom via Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7, where she confessed about her break-up story with Jerome Ponce and finds her inspiration again with McCoy de Leon. Together, they are now more popularly known as McLisse – and this McDonald’s commercial even became a bigger hit.

Interestingly, in the video below, De Leon plays the role of the guy she was dating with.

In the meantime, watch the trending video “Kaya Niya, Kaya Mo” here:

For sure, McLisse fans are ecstatic to see their idols getting endorsements. McLisse is also set to join Elmo Magalona and Janella Salvador in an upcoming teleserye, “Kung Kailangan Mo Ako.”

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