[Video] Wow! Look at Hidden paintings on the edges of old books!

It’s true that we can never know how beautiful a book is until we read it page by page.

In the case of some old books however, we cannot see its other beautiful sides until we start ‘fanning’ its pages, so to speak.

“If we inspect things closely, we can find interesting secret messages that are invisible at first glance. This is also true for fore-edge paintings, illustrations done on the edges of the pages of books. A lot of them ‘hide’ from the naked eye and can be viewed only if the pages are fanned,” wrote Rokas L of Bored Panda.

Researchers guess that the earliest fore-edge paintings could be dated back to the 10th century; though the first known disappearing versions are from 1649.

Usually, the subject matter of a fore-edge painting is closely related to the book, it was disclosed.

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