[Video/Photos] Filipino Maid in Hong Kong draws her dream and the world says WOW!


People who come from poor families understand that it is better to use money to buy food rather than to buy leisure stuff. An artist pencil may seem so cheap for some, but it’s a luxury item for a poor child.

Raised by her sister who’s a teacher, it has been her turn to provide for their younger brother’s studies  who will finally graduate this year. It has always been this way in their family; to help each other since their mother died a long time ago.

Now that her brother is graduating, she can start to save money for herself at age 28. She has always wanted to formally study and learn in an art school.

Her life story relates to the lyrics in the famous song “Maghintay Ka Lamang.” It teaches us to be patient until the right time comes. That’s what Donna Sagudang did. She endured every pain that her life brought her; she waited. She continues to hang on to hope because she believes that the perfect time will come and that everything will fall into its right place. And NOW this is her time! The world is seeing her talent, and before she knows it, she might find herself enrolled in an art school soon enough and hone her skills.

She might not have realized it yet, but she has already imparted a very important lesson to everyone — wait, work hard, and make it happen.

Here are samples of her amazing raw talent!

Posted by Donna Sagudang on Monday, January 23, 2017

Posted by Donna Sagudang on Friday, March 3, 2017