[VIDEOS] ‘World’s Hottest Math Teacher’ mesmerized by Ellen Adarna’s Beauty

Pietro Boselli, dubbed as the “World’s Hottest Math Teacher,” was caught making a video greeting to Ellen Adarna on Instagram.

Boselli mentioned during a press conference here in the Philippines last Sunday at The Fort that he finds the model/actress attractive. The Italian model is here for the Bench Body endorsement.

He said via Adarna’s handler Danel Louise Calixto’s IG account that he was looking forward to meeting her.

“I just wanted to say to Ellen that what I said in the conference is true. Yes, so, I did see your picture and I thought you were really beautiful. So that wasn’t a planted answer at all. I’m really looking forward to meeting you. I don’t know why they haven’t introduced us yet, you know. That’s—you see, that’s her fault. That person here (referring to Pia Campos, both their manager). Luckily, we have Danel who’s going to take care of this. Right, Danel? Good.”

@maria.elena.adarna he wants to see you daw! Wag na mag-inarte! Ikaw nanaman ang nanalo???????????????

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