[VIRAL] FB Modus Alert! Offered a Part-Time Job, This Girl Got Scammed

Richelle Yambao Cudiamat was obviously so furious when she posted the details of a scam she got involved in. The post had gone viral since then. Cudiamat, in her post, stated that she was tricked to give away all of her belongings. But what really bothered her was what they were really up to.

As per her post, a random stranger in the name of Samonte Nhics Andrea had contacted her for a part-time job or raket. Cudiamat agreed to talk to her and her boss in order to sort out the transactions. On March 5 at around 11 AM, she was informed of her supposed duties, which included checking into a casino and she will serve as their guest relations officer during their vacation.

Moreover, the boss told her she will be paid Php 7,000 plus food allowance of Php 500 for just three hours of work. That is definitely big money for just three hours.

Interested, she went to SM Dasmarinas and met the handler on the second floor in front of a clothing store. He gave her further instructions and urged her to give him all her belongings before the transactions happen. The handler reassured her she will get them back after her duty.

Cudiamat didn’t exactly know why she let him get her belongings. The handler also asked to lend him her cellphone. She disabled the password and gave it to him. She then took a trike to “Majenta” to meet a certain Nicole. Here, she became suspicious so she asked her handler if he’s going to come with her.

The handler refused and said he will be meeting another applicant. What surprised Cudiamat was that Majenta is actually a motel and not a casino. She went to the mall to meet with her handler again, but he was already gone. She asked for the CCTV footage but the security of the mall said it would be hard.

Fortunately, the mall guards responded to her call for help by giving her money for transportation and they allowed her to use the internet.

When Cudiamat messaged Nicole to clarify things, she was blocked and her number was already out of reach.

Clearly, she was talking to a fake account run by a group with a digital modus in order to fool people and get money from them. Always stay vigilant – on and offline.

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