[VIRAL PHOTO] Ed Sheeran Mini Version – This Kid is Simply Adorable!

Meet the youngest Ed Sheeran look-a-like —  Isla Walton; the two-year-old girl who instantly became a hit in social media due to her uncanny resemblance with the singer.

Check out her photos, and you’ll see for yourself. Put Ed Sheeran’s baby picture side by side with hers; you will be amazed at how similar they look!

Isla Walton is the current talk of the town for Ed Sheeran fans as she becomes his latest ‘mini me.’ Their eyes and ginger hair are the same, even their facial expressions are exact carbon copies! Zoe, Isla’s mother, can’t help but feel overwhelmed: “It is complete madness. Everyone has been saying she looks like him for the longest time and I never thought anything of it.”

According to Zoe, as told in a Daily Mail Co Uk story, it was actually her sister who published the photo of her daughter online. Since then, people are raving about it. She admits it has been crazy since the photo was posted. She stated: “It was when my sister Stacey put it online we got loads of comments from people. I look at Isla sometimes and just think ‘wow’ and people have pointed out to her who she looks like. Now she likes to watch him on TV.”

At this point, Zoe Walton and Isla cannot believe they have already gone viral. A number of Ed Sheeran lookalikes have showed up in the online world but nothing beats this two-year-old kid in stealing the spotlight. She is just simply adorable.