[Viral] Toad Goes Fashionista Sporting Toad-ally Spectacular Hats

Have you ever thought of having a toad for a pet? Well, this might convince you to reconsider.

It started when Chris Newsome noticed something out of the ordinary going on. As he was sitting on his porch one night, a toad came by to visit. It was like any other ordinary night, until he realized this cute little guy wants his attention as he hangs out with him every night.

Newsome started to like his new friend visiting him regularly and so he gave him a name—“Mr. Toad,” though he’s not quite sure if it’s a male.

“A friend of mine has a little boy that lost his pet toad,” Newsome said. “He was crying about his toad and he remembered Mr. Toad. He asked if Mr. Toad was still coming to visit me every night, so to make him feel better I sent him a photo to show that Mr. Toad was alive and well.”

Much to everyone’s delight, Newsome thought of making him a hat to cheer the boy up.

“I decided to enter the world of toad millinery and help the little guy out. Foam paper seemed like a toad-friendly material,” Newsome said in his Imgur post.

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He first tried a pink top hat on Mr. Toad that fit perfectly but he thought it needed something more…

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So he turned it into a toad pimp hat; adding some extra feather for a fabulous look.

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Imgur, The Dodo