[Viral] Toad Goes Fashionista Sporting Toad-ally Spectacular Hats


Newsome said, “The toad never seemed to mind the hats. I would just place them on its head and it would just sit there.”

So he continued making some new hat designs that Mr. Toad seems to like. He would miraculously come back night after night seemingly feeling excited for a new hat to sport.

Courtesy of Imgur
Courtesy of Imgur

It gained a lot of feedbacks demanding for new outfit posts, which Newsome’s dog, Daisy, was not a fan.

Courtesy of Imgur

“Hopefully, the toad will return this season. I’ll make sure to make some new hats. If he does (or another one comes to the porch) I’ll definitely take more photos,” Newsome said excitedly.

Interestingly, some comments on his post are sure to make you smile.

“That’s one hell of a patient toad.

“He is toadally rocking all those looks.”


“I thought i toad you, no more hats”

“Toadally awesome”

Pope hat! Do a pope hat next!

Well, now that there are requests for more hats, perhaps we shall expect to see more in the near future.


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Imgur, The Dodo