[Viral Video] Foreign traveler’s 8-minute vid of PH experience wows netizens; includes ‘homeless’ adventure

“Is it really more fun in the Philippines?”

Travel enthusiast Nas Daily went to the Philippines with a mission; to check if it’s really more fun on this side of the world.

On his Facebook, he posted an eight-minute video featuring his travel experience in the country and produces an honest-to-goodness description of what it’s like to visit the home of the Filipinos.

In his post, Nas Daily said he resigned from his job so he can enjoy life, so he prepared a minute-long video daily to celebrate the wonders of life — including the beauty of the Philippines.

In his narrative, the Facebook blogger said: “Almost every video I saw about the Philippines was about the islands. That’s too shallow and easy. So I wanted to visit this country to make the best video in this country, and I think this is it.”

He added that pretty girls are all over the country – not just on the beaches. He concluded: “You will see the real Philippines that I so fell in love with.”

He also shared how he lived on $0.00 for a day and how generous and warm Filipinos are. He lived for eight days in the country and he saw how amazing the country is.

He also found out he can party with the locals – the entire village even! He was able to feed people with 1,000 burgers! And the best part is, he can communicate with everyone very well because everyone in the country speaks English!

In his video, he also featured the warm smiles and greetings of the Filipinos – how friendly the staff of the most prominent food stops such as Starbucks, Subway and McDonald’s. He even asked people to just smile for no reason and the response? They just smile back – and that’s why he loves the Philippines so much.

One reaction comment from a Mhel Benito stood out; gaining over a thousand likes. Pertaining to the vid, she said: “There’s more love in the Philippines. Better perspective ?. And this is by far the truest docufilm about the Philippine tourism from a foreign traveler’s viewpoint and experience.”

The blogger’s final words are sure to warm the hearts of the majority of Pinoys. Find out why.

Moreover, Nas leaves his viewers with an interesting note: “If this video doesn’t make you want to visit the Philippines, then I quit.”

Watch the video of his journey below:

And if you’re eager to know more about Nas, well, just visit his website and see more 1-minute videos. Meanwhile, here’s a minute video of him!