Watch: How UNHCR changed this Syrian boy’s life proves there’s still hope amid war

Many have said that no one really wins in war, and the children suffer the most. Their lives are destroyed; their innocence stolen, and their future, lost.

Mohammad Hasan Al-Akraa, a Syrian refugee, is no different from these children; a victim of a war that continues to hound them. He is just one of the 4.8 million Syrian refugees in the world.

But amidst the war, there are groups or people who are always ready to lend support to children like Mohammad, and UNHCR (United Nations Higher Commission for Refugees) is one of them.

When Mohammad moved to Malaysia back in 2012, he was a scarred boy. Many of his friends died from the bombing which he, himself, miraculously survived.

He was not ready for the new life ahead and he felt alone and lonely most of the time. To his own words, he knows no happiness back then; only sadness.

But that was until he was invited to a UNHCR activity, the Cybercare Program. His life has since changed for the better.

The boy who doesn’t laugh and talk to anyone became the happiest guy in the room – the joker in the group.

“Cybercare changed me. Changed me from sadness to happiness,” he said with confidence.

The new Hassan believes that every child has a dream, and every child has the right to fulfill that dream.

Now, the Syrian war survivor is teaching English to his fellow Syrian refugee kids at a non-profit school as a volunteer.

And he has this to say to them: “Your future must be better than my future”

Be truly inspired by the resilience of the human spirit!

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