[Watch] Iñigo speaks up about viral ‘kiss video’ with his Dad Piolo Pascual

What’s in a kiss?

Well, most likely the answer would  depend on who are kissing. And in this story, it’s a father and a son who did an affectionate kiss on the lips — and it has drawn mixed reaction; with many criticizing their act.

The versatile actor Piolo Pascual has aired his reaction to the criticisms which flooded video posts of them kissing and hugging each other; as he disclosed that physical displays of affection was a normal thing in their family.

“Up to this moment, I kiss my mom on the lips. Ganu’n kaming magkakapatid. It’s nice to be physical with your loved ones,” he said. [That’s how I and my siblings are.]

The elder Pascual  stressed that both he and Iñigo are not affected by the bashing and also expressed that they’re lucky they can keep showing their affection to each other.

Now, it’s the younger Pascual who has aired his reaction; as he gamely tells people through a video that it’s not their problem if people sees their kiss gesture as malicious. “Hindi na kami ang me problema, sila na ‘yung me problema diyan,” he said; adding that he won’t change how he treats his parents or grandparents just because of what people might think.

“Para sa akin siguro whatever they think is right for themselves, do it”; referring to those who criticized them. For his part, he just wants to acknowledge the great things given to him (by his family.)

“Para sa akin I would make it more of an inspiration to the generation na kahit matanda ka na dapat hindi mo baguhin ‘yung trato mo sa parents mo dahil hindi mo alam kung kailan mawawala ‘yung mga loved ones mo. As much as possible you got to show that love. Hindi masamang bagay na maging physically expressive ka of your love for your parents.”

That’s it!

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