[Watch] ‘Show off’ man falls off cliff while posing for a shot

  • A man showing off for the camera fell into a cliff in China last week
  • He was displaying his rock-climbing skills when the incident happened
  • The man miraculously survived the fall

Thankfully, he miraculously survived the fall with only bruises on his arms.

A man’s ‘show-off’ poses in front of a camera nearly cost him his life after falling off the cliff side in China.

A story on Shanghaiist said the incident happened on Chongqing Municipality’s Jigong Mountain last week. The ‘hair-raising’, and rather embarrassing, video went viral on Chinese social media.

In the short clip, the man can be seen eagerly striking poses for the camera of a friend who was taking the pictures.

At first, he was just making ‘normal’ poses on top of a huge rock. Then he started showing off his rock-climbing skills by hanging himself by the side, holding to the edge with his hands.

But as he was trying to go down, he lost his grip and eventually fell, to his friend’s shock.

It is not known how deep he fell, but the man seems not seriously hurt; sustaining only minor bruises and scratches on his arms.

Watch the video: