WATCH: ‘US Secretary of State’ punches ‘Philippine President’ in TV series

  • A hit TV series in the United States depicts the Philippine President punched in the face by the US Secretary of State
  • The fictional incident was due to the president’s uncalled for behavior as he tried to make advances to the Secretary of State
  • The episode has been protested by the Philippine Embassy in Washington DC

In the hit television series in the United States “Madame Secretary”, the US Secretary of State punched the fictional president of the Philippines.

The teaser of the episode for airing this Sunday, March 12, Us Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord played by actress Tea Leoni was talking to her assistant about the incident she had with a world leader.

The video then flashed to that moment depicting the world leader as a Filipino with his black hair and barong outfit. The Philippine President named Datu Andrada is played by actor Joel dela Fuente who is part Filipino.

In the story, the Philippine President tried to make advances to the Secretary of State and her reflexes prompted her to punch the Filipino leader. The president was shown in the next shot with a bleeding nose.

“I clobbered a world leader instead of saving a major regional agreement,” Elizabeth McCord said as she was confiding to her husband played by Tim Daly.

In a statement, the Philippines, through its embassy in Washington DC criticized the episode as portraying an “unconventional new president”.

“The Philippine embassy in Washington DC wrote to CBS Corporation today [Monday], March 6, 2017, to strongly protest the highly negative depiction of a character purported to be the Philippine president in the next episode of the TV series Madam Secretary,” the Philippine embassy’s statement was quoted in a Rappler story.

Watch the teaser below:

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