’13 Reasons Why’ Actor Christian Navarro Said “Everybody Likes Liza Soberano”

13 Reasons Why actor Christian Navarro, who played the role of Tony in the Netflix drama, asked his fans on Twitter to tweet any question they want and he will gleefully answer them. He was asked about everything in the world – from his favorite Marvel movie and some interesting bits such as… Liza Soberano.

Everyone joined in the fun and a Filipino fan asked Navarro on what he thinks about the lovely Liza Soberano. He said in his reply: “Pretty sure everybody does.” The tweet currently has 593 RT and 2345 likes.

But what surprised all of the Filipino fans, including Liza Soberano’s fans, is when Christian Navarro revealed how he admitted being a fan of the “Dolce Amore” star. He cited Soberano’s anti-bullying stance and that he agrees to it.

Liza Soberano has been catching everyone’s attention, including foreign stars. In 2016, Charlie Puth, the American singer-songwriter found her really beautiful and interesting while The Vamps member James McVey had invited her to join their concerts.

Christian Navarro rose to fame after his iconic appearance of Tony in “13 Reasons Why” which depicted a young girl’s struggles that brought her to take her own life. The show centers on Hannah Baker, portrayed by Katherine Langford, and Clay, her only love, journey to finding out the thirteen reasons why – and why he is part of the thirteen tapes Hannah Baker had prepared before she decided to end her life.