A Beautiful feat: LGBT member graduates Magna Cum Laude at age 45

There’s no easier way to achieving success than having to work hard for it yourself.

It’s never too late for anyone, even a LesbianGayBisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) member, to bag achievements in the field of career and education.

Hailing from Kalibo, Aklan is Mabini “Mayor” Nabor, who graduated Magna Cum Laude at the Aklan State University for her Bachelor of Science in Education Major in Social Studies program at the age of 45.

Nabor had a long journey before being able to finish her studies. When she graduated in high school, she soon decided to work as a hairdresser and a makeup artist in their town. After which, she flew to Japan and became an entertainer but eventually found her way to Germany to try her luck there.

Soon enough she underwent one major decision in life — sex change – and from then on was known as Marie Nabor. She found love with a foreigner whom she got engaged with; however the relationship failed.

Nabor went back to her hometown in Boracay to continue her career. She managed some establishments in the island and went on doing what she’s best at— makeup and hairdressing. Nonetheless, she wasn’t satisfied at how her life was going; she got caught up that steered her to substance abuse.

“I was bored, I was desperate for happiness. I was desperate for fulfillment,” was Nabor’s statement when interviewed by ABS-CBN News.

Hoping to complete the missing piece in her life, she decided to go back to school; taking it seriously this time. She was even the President and a Project Leader in class.

“Kung gagraduate ako, 45 na. By that time I will have lesser opportunities because of my age. But if I do good, the opportunity will come. It’s all about my security,” she said as per an ABS-CBN story.

Nabor got her strong support system from colleagues and instructors. In fact, one of her instructors, Melyn Toledo, could justify how determined and intelligent she is; making her worthy of achievements, whom Eduardo Sumanga, Dean of the College of Teacher Education of Aklan State University was also so proud about.

“Yun talaga ang layunin ng State University na makatulong at kupkupin itong mga taong gustong makarating sa tugatog ng kanilang mga pangarap,” said Professor Sumanga.

Despite going through life’s ordeal, she conquered everything, including her feat against her own self making way for her dreams to come true through passion and determination.

“If I have to sacrifice something for the benefit of the young generation, I will do it by giving up myself,” Nabor said.

Now, Nabor is looking forward to beginning her journey as a teacher.

Hats off to you, Mabi Nabor!!!


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