A chubby monkey called “Uncle Fatty” indulges on tourist food in Thailand!

Bangkok, Thailand  –  A 33lb macaque – nicknamed “Uncle Fatty” – had been getting fed the wrong foods such as milkshakes, corn-on-the-cobs, sugary melons and noodles by visitors to a floating water market in Bangkok.

Image by Kanthan via Facebook

Uncle Fatty  is getting attention this week from wildlife officials. He caught their eye after reports from locals spotted a “fat “monkey  in Bangkok’s floating market.

Uncle Fatty has now been rescued and taken for a health check in a monkey ‘fat camp’ to try and reduce his weight to a more acceptable 17.5lb – normal for macaque species.

Thai primate conservation group ‘Monkey Lovers‘ said  that Uncle was not sick – he was just fat – and wanted him returned to his friends.

The chubby monkey will also be put on a strict diet – and made to run and swing around with other animals to lose weight.

Thailand is home to hundreds of thousands of wild monkeys including gibbon, langur and loris, that roam free and are popular with tourists.

Uncle Fatty is indeed one chunky monkey!