Abra Farmer now an International Indie film actor

JC Tan Bites, 24, an Ilocano and a former farmer in Abra, has earned his way up to getting several projects as a TV commercial model and an international Indie film actor because of perseverance and love for work.

According to a blog post in LinkedIn by Kali Alaiah, a Digital Marketing Strategist, who first met Bites for the International music video by Lourdes Duque Baron, a Grammy nominee and the L.A Music Awards winner, and multi-awarded director Willan Rivera, the young actor is a proof that “you can be anything you set your mind into if you just believe it,” as quoted in her writing.

Image by Kali Alaia

“Before making it on the silver screen he was first a farmer and did some part-time job as a dishwasher in Manila, before he was offered to play commercial gigs. Before making it into the international scene, he was also a part of the project “Dahon” by Phil Hero Foundation,” she wrote in her article referring to JC Tan Bites’ journey to stardom.

With his talent in acting coupled with his charm and perseverance, the former farmer turned actor, got numerous projects — from doing a film Commercial for SMART Telecommunications Break Down Barriers in 2016, to getting her roles for Indie Films like “Hangyo” by Willan Rivera and “Kabute” by Timeless Entertainment Inc. and Clips Films Production which will be shown soon in theaters worldwide like Los Angeles and New York. He will also be starring in the TV show “Amo” directed by Brillante Mendoza.

Image by Kali Alaia

Bites was also tagged as a certified Pinoy Male Hunk because of his six-pack abs and a pretty face, earning him constant trending likes on Instagram like any other big celebrities in the Philippines.

Because of his hardwork, patience, and faith in God, he manages to get through it all; never forgetting to thank the Creator for everything he has achieved now.

A very humble person that is proud of his native roots, Bites is a perfect example of a dreamer who doesn’t mind starting from the bottom but makes sure to rocket high in the end.

Image by JC Tan Bites