Angeles City to sizzle with ‘Sisig Fiesta 2017’

Sizzling sisig will once again elevate the cabalens’ admirable and distinct trait when it comes to cooking distinct and palatable cuisines.

This will be highlighted with the upcoming Sisig Festival on April 29 in Angeles City; the culinary center of the Philippines.

The Angeles City government has proclaimed “Sizzling Sisig” as its “Intangible Cultural Heritage.”

At the same time, the local government has initiated steps towards having its famous dish declared by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as an intangible cultural heritage.

“The passing of the ordinance is a great move for us to finally claim, not only by word-of-mouth but on document that ‘Sizzling Sisig’ originated in our city,” said Angeles City Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan.

The city council unanimously approved Ordinance No. 405, Series of 2017, declaring “Sizzling Sisig as an Intangible Heritage of Angeles.”

The ordinance seeks to safeguard the original pork sisig recipe as part of Kapampangan culinary history and a tourist attraction. It also provides for an Annual Sisig Festival/Sisig Fiesta every last week of April.

According to the ordinance, the word “sisig” was part of Kapampangan vocabulary as early as 1732, based on Fray Diego Bergano’s Vocabulario de la Lengua Pampanga.

It is believed sisig originated in Angeles City, where it was first served as “pulutan.”

From a salad of fruits and vegetables dressed in vinegar, pepper, salt, and garlic, it evolved into a dish of boiled pig’s ear.

Back then, pregnant women consumed sisig to strengthen the bones of the unborn. As areas outside Pampanga began to adopt sisig, Filipinos later used other parts of the pig and even main ingredients that are non-pork.

Credit goes to Aling Lucing (Lucia Lagman Cunanan), who invented this dish at a humble stall along the train railways also known as Crossing by local residents.

From its humble roots in Crossing, the fame of Sizzling Sisig has spread to Manila, the rest of the country and has reached international level.

Undoubtedly, Sisig has variants but what made it unarguably famous is its taste and how innovative Kapampangans can be when it comes to their culinary talents as they adapt to the vast changes that is happening.

Angeles City’s Sisig Fiesta will be a gasrtronomic event that will highlight both the future and past of one of Pampanga’s most popular dishes.

A sundry of events ranging from cooking demonstration and competitions will pepper the whole night alongside with music and dance performances.

SOURCE:  Angeles City Tourism Office