Atong Ang links Aguirre, Esperon to slay plot against him

  • Atong Ang has linked Aguirre and Esperon to alleged plot to neutralize him
  • He also named other retired generals in the alleged conspiracy
  • Both Aguirre and Esperon denied the allegations

MANILA, Philippines – Gambling operator Atong Ang has linked two Cabinet members in the Duterte administration in an alleged plot to assassinate him.

Ang, operator of jai-alai in the country and a close friend to former president Joseph Estrada, has named Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre and National Security Adviser Hermogenes Esperon as those behind the assassination plot to kill him.

He also named other retired generals belonging to PMA Class ’82 as part of the conspiracy to eliminate him. They are PCSO chair Jorge Corpuz, PCSO General Manager Alexander Balutan, and Francisco Uyami and Isidro Lapeña.

Citing information from the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), Ang said Aguirre wants him out of the Small Town Lottery (STL) operation in Luzon. He added Aguirre was taking part in the STL operation through his brother, Ogie Aguirre.

As for Esperon, Ang claimed the National Security Adviser warned operators in Pangasinan about STL in the province from which the former was allegedly demanding a cut from the profit.

Both Aguirre and Esperon denied Ang’s allegations. Aguirre said he ‘categorically denied’ Ang’s accusation and is willing to face any probe.

“I am ready to face any kind of investigation that might be conducted, be it legislative, criminal or administrative. I am not afraid as I have nothing to hide. My conscience is clear,”said the Justice chief.

Esperon, for his part, just laughed off Ang’s claims and challenged the gambling operator to provide proof of the alleged slay plot.

“It is very likely that he is concocting tall tales again as in past years or is simply paranoid, which is typical of people who engage in illegal activities. He should show evidence or witnesses that I want to see him dead,” said Esperon in a statement.